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Michael Jordan
5 min readJan 17, 2022

We have a WhatsApp group where people share their addresses and airdrop each other NFTs. I was creating a list of these addresses for future airdrops when I thought, why not use the Blockchain to keep this ever growing record. Thus the MJ’s Airdrop Club NFT was created. For less than $1.50 you can purchase this NFT and add your address to a list that will receive airdrops in the future. Also by purchasing an NFT, you might be eligible for third party airdrops that can be very generous.

First Drop

Within a few days we had over 100 sales and did our first airdrop with Zaroblanart where every purchaser received a unique 1/1 NFT. Some purchasers quickly sold these NFTs for $60 and secured an easy profit. I’m going to be holding onto mine as I believe Zaroblanart is going to get bigger and bigger. In fact we will be doing regular airdrops with him.

Why Airdrop?

Airdropping your NFTs is a great way to kick start your promotion campaign. All successful NFT projects have invested in marketing and airdropping is a cost effective way to market your project. In return for giving people NFTs you can expect some to mention you in their tweets and others to purchase more. Also NFTs can have a secondary sale royalty and so you will profit from the future sales of these NFTs. The more people you can send you NFTs to, the greater your distribution and the better your chances are for success.

The list of addresses on MJ’s Airdrop Club is valuable because it represents people who have purchased an NFT on OpenSea Polygon. This means they know how to buy more and they have crypto in order to do so. If you send your NFTs to random addresses, your NFT will most likely not be seen as it will first go to the Hidden Tab. With the MJ Airdrop Club, I’ll tweet about the airdrop and alert the purchasers that a new drop has occurred and that they should check their Hidden Tab.

Everyone is welcome to send NFTs to the list of addresses on the MJ Airdrop Club. To access the list of addresses, go to this Google Sheet. Before you send, message me on twitter @bayman1991 and I’ll update the list with the latest information. I’ll also tweet about your airdrop so that the purchasers know to look inside their hidden tab. Please note, I might not tweet your airdrop if the NFTs are unoriginal, explicit, etc. So check with me first before going through the time and effort to transfer NFTs to the list.

Second Drop

Our second drop was by MrReier who is an established artist on OpenSea and his Pepe Re-imagined Collection has seen NFTs sell for 0.5Eth with total volume over 2Eth. He created 56 unique Gotcha Badges NFTs. 48 were airdropped to random members of the airdrop club and the other 8 were put for sale at 0.005Eth (10x more than the MJ Airdrop Club NFT) and after 1 day 2 were sold.

I’ve listed mine for 0.05, MrReier will receive 0.005 in royalty when this sells.

Third Drop

Our third drop was by gumbi.eth who is a new artist based in London. He created 365 Omicron Kids and gave multiple 1/1 NFTs to the MJ Airdrop Club members.

How to do your own airdrop

I highly recommend using the Polygon network on OpenSea as the gas fees are currently zero for minting, transferring and listing. It is very expensive to do a similar airdrop directly on Ethereum. Make sure you know the basics of NFTs (how to get Metamask, connect to Polygon, mint your NFT) by reading this article: Getting Started.

1. To transfer an NFT, go to your NFT’s page and click the transfer icon

2. Then copy one of the addresses from the list and click transfer

3. Then you need to click transfer again. If there is an error, simply refresh and try again until it works.

4. Your MetaMask wallet will have a popup and you will need to scroll down and sign the transaction. Click Sign

5. Make sure the transfer has processed before moving onto the next address. If it fails, simply repeat the steps.

It can take over an hour to manually airdrop your NFTs to all the addresses on the list, so make sure you are listening to some good music while you proceed. In this example, I airdropped a Treasure Hunt NFT to someone who had purchased 20 of the airdrop club NFTs. If you want ideas on how to use the unlockable content feature of NFTs, check out the Treasure Hunt for inspiration.

If you have any more questions, reach out to me on twitter @bayman and remember to join the MJ’s Airdrop Club NFT.

Also feel free to subscribe and follow me on Medium as I’ll be posting a lot more article on NFTs, Polygon, Blockchain, Metaverses, etc. I’m also active on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and have some courses on Udemy.



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