I’m an NFT now!

Michael Jordan
2 min readSep 5, 2021

NFTs are changing lives and soon all content creators are going to embrace this technology. Instead of waiting for it to happen, we decided to make it happen.

Ziggy Ray and I did a mass collaboration back in March where we asked Coldie, mbsjq, Zomax, Yura Miron, t.a.r.e, Daniel Taylor and 170 more CryptoArtists to send us pictures of their hands. We combined the images together and created “The NFT Community” which b0b bought for $8000. (Thanks b0b!)

This time, Ziggy and I are joined by photographer Marc Berman who takes incredible images of South African Instagram Models. But we didn’t just want to use the pictures of the models, we wanted to include them and make them part of the team.

These NFTs are special because they have been endorsed by the models and they will receive an equal share of the sale. The models are releasing videos on their Instagram Stories and inviting their followers to learn more about NFTs and get on board.

The hands collaboration was about the current NFT Community. This collaboration is about reaching out to more people so that the NFT Community continues to grow. In the future, all Instagram Models will embrace NFTs, but for now, let us introduce you to the three pioneers.

  1. Jocasta Durr
  2. Tyler Moolman
  3. Christina Carmela



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