CryptoRoses: The Blockchain just got Romantic.

Michael Jordan
2 min readFeb 5, 2018


The blockchain has promised to disrupt countless industries from finance to healthcare, so it should come as no surprise that it is having a go at disrupting Romance. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, countless people will be searching for a way to express their love to their special someone. CryptoRoses aims to be a novel romantic gesture that can be performed over the blockchain.

To dedicate a CryptoRose, simply head off to and load some ether into your MetaMask address. Then you need to write a love note to that special someone and post it onto the blockchain. But what makes this so romantic?

First off, it’s unbreakable. Unlike the popular Love Locks that people put on bridges. People think their Love is secured as the key is traditionally thrown into the sea but they fail to foresee the authorities removing all the locks later because they add a dangerous amount of weight to the bridge. The CryptoRose in comparison harnesses the intense security of encryption and cannot be removed.

Secondly the CryptoRoses are valuable. A normal CryptoRose costs 0.05Eth, a gold CryptoRose (limited to 100) costs 1Eth and the purple CryptoRose (limited to only 1) costs 100Eth. Romanticonomics shows that expensive items, like diamonds, better communicates ones appreciation for their special someone. The high price also deters trolls from ruining it for everyone else.

And finally its public. What is the point of doing some outrageous romantic gesture if no one else sees it. Buying a CryptoRose means you don’t have to post your Valentines Dinner on Facebook as everyone will be able to see your love note on the Blockchain.

CryptoRoses are also on the Rinkeby Testnet and this gives you a chance to test the dApp for free, although don’t expect your special someone to be impressed with a crypto love note if it ain’t on the Mainnet.