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NFTs are changing lives and soon all content creators are going to embrace this technology. Instead of waiting for it to happen, we decided to make it happen.

Ziggy Ray and I did a mass collaboration back in March where we asked Coldie, mbsjq, Zomax, Yura Miron, t.a.r.e, Daniel Taylor…


My name is Michael Jordan and on SuperRare I go under the name mjfellowactuary because of my YouTube channel called MJ the Fellow Actuary which has 28000 subscribers. …

I want to use this medium page to explore the meaning of the Paradise NFT in more detail. For instance, do the monkeys represent distractions? Why did I write the word “tree” next to the doodle of a tree. Quite a lot to unpack that I will hopefully get to in time. I need to create the article now though, so that its link can be included in the NFT description.

Available on SuperRare

A collection of images that I created 10 years ago. My first step into creating digital art. I used them as profile pictures and as track thumbnails when I was creating music. I’ve combined them all into a single NFT on SuperRare. Below is a gallery of all 26 pieces.

Secret riddles are contained in these NFTs and one needs to be a puzzle master to find the prize. Welcome to an online treasure hunt where the wise are rewarded. It is themed around Actuarial Science, one of the many subjects that contributed to the invention of the blockchain.


The NFT Market has seen a lot of success recently and this piece acknowledges that but also asks a deeper question: is this success short lived like a one night stand?

Art piece by Ziggy Ray & Michael Jordan

In this article I want to discuss the NFT Art Market…

I’m turning 30 this year and yet I still find time to play with plush llamas and pokemon cards. For me, playtime is a serious activity as I believe it strengthens my imagination and keeps the creative juices flowing. Toy Temple is a piece that seeks to emphasis the importance…

Last week I had the honour of being one of the judges for Kenyatta University. Four groups of students presented their Actuarial Products and it was great to see the entrepreneurial spirit in the profession. The one product was designed to cover the risk of not being able to secure…

The NFT Community is an animated collage of 176 crypto artists. It is a mix of some of the biggest names as well as some newcomers to the space. It is a celebration of our wonderful and inclusive community.

[Link to SuperRare Piece]

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Michael Jordan

Fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa. Specialised in Finance and Risk Management. Interested in Tech and Education.

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